“There is nothing more powerful than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it.” 


                          -- Tyrion Lannister in “Game of Thrones”

Today there is no greater story than this one. For we are urgently called to come together to halt the roll out of 5G - a toxically invasive weapons and surveillance system posing as a WiFi upgrade. We must overcome our differences to prevent the imposition of a poisonous network over every square inch of the beautiful planet we call home, the home known to many now as Gaia - the scientifically proven sentient reality of our Mother Earth. 


Technology can be safe and still serve human needs. But 5G has been proven to be anything but safe - and poses grave risks to human health and freedom.

There will be nowhere to hide if the current plans are carried out to launch 20,000 low-orbit satellites working in tandem with dangerous cell towers only a few hundred yards apart in every community throughout the world. Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies have confirmed the huge increases in cancer, diabetes, infertility, neurological disorders, miscarriages, psychiatric problems, damage to child development - and devastating impact on the biosphere, especially to birds and bees and the whole insect population which together make up the essential foundation of human survival.

But there is hope. More than hope, there is the certainty of victory and a great awakening and unifying of the human family, if only we can come together in concerted action, celebrating our status as brothers and sisters, children of one Father-Mother-Creator.​


The Jai Gaia Sacred Activism Tour intends to help in that great awakening - which is already rolling out across the world - by bringing together beloved artists of sacred chant with courageous activists in inspiring and informative concerts throughout America and across the globe. Beginning in the enchanting mountains of Taos, New Mexico on June 9th, the tour will begin in the Southwest - a crucial battleground in the campaign to halt 5G - and expand to both coasts and beyond in the coming months.

You are invited to join us in this great joyful awakening, in this great reclaiming of our God-given right to protect our children and our world. Visit us here for details on upcoming events, and to support the tour with your generous donation (not tax-deductible at this time).  

You can follow the unfolding tour on our Facebook page as well. 


Donations may be made at our SAGE donation page as well as at Radio 5G .

Heartfelt thanks for your support!

Love and blessings,

Michael Henry Dunn

Founding Director, The Sacred Academy of Global Evolution