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The Sacred Academy of Global Evolution honors the heritage of sacred earth-science which is found in the legacy of the Templar Order of medieval times. Scholars agree that the Templars bequeathed to the world the miraculous beauty of the cathedrals of Notre Dame, Chartres, Mont St. Michel, and others. Our co-founder, Rev. William Buehler, was a renowned authority on the Templar science of the Reshel and the study of the grids and ley lines of the Earth, and SAGE is committed to passing on his work to future generations.


More than this, it is a core conviction of the founders of SAGE that in the present world crisis, it is essential that believers of the great faith traditions reach across cultural and geopolitical divides to join hands in seeking peace and justice for the human family.  Many of us who feel an irresistible urge to make a difference in this world are seeking meaningful fellowship with like-minded souls, within a framework of practical Sacred Activism which addresses the root causes of this great crisis.  

This may rightly be called a restoration of the inspiring Code of Chivalry of the Templars.

The Sacred Academy is, by definition, an interfaith institution open to persons of all faith traditions, as we seek to practice a universal spirituality grounded in the scientific method. And we also freely acknowledge that much of our core legacy comes from a Templar tradition, specifically from the mystical Johannine lineage of the Cathars.


The Johannine Templar Order has its roots in mystical Christianity and the apostolic succession of St. Mary Magdalene and St. John the Beloved, but traces its lineage further back through Islamic Sufi and Judaic Essene roots to the mystery schools of ancient Egypt and the legendary Djedhi Guardian Priesthood.

For those interested in joining the Johannine Templar Order as a spiritual family of Sacred Activists, please share with us your information below, so that we may advise you of upcoming Templar-related events and training.

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